Dear mr Lopez

We have well received your email concerning the reservation for the lunch menu

for wednesday the 25 march 2005 .(for 20 persons)

Our lunch menu is priced at 22€ for one person . You wanted also to prepay this by visa or mastercard

you find here a buy button were also some promotions are included if you want , otherwhise you choose

nada and you choose no promotion that is prepaid (it is a calculated discount for that kind of beverage ).

Hope i was helpfull for more info you can always mail or phone me (+32477322330)


the lunch menu consists (can not says this the menu changes every month) :


meat or fisch dish

Main course

olso choise between fish and meat



lunch menu con promocion

ccount                                    cafomail                              phpadmin               viraal



Design and voor sud et sol